Now it’s a stack of triangles.

Triangles, beadwork in progress by Kate McKinnon

It doesn’t look like I’ve done much more, hmm? But it’s another few hours of work. The piece (which will end up being a Winged and Horned Pagoda Bangle, with tiny garnets at the closure) now refuses to be a stack of squares, and it will not make a circle around my wrist. But that’s just because I don’t have anything on the other side of the bellyband yet. And when I try to make the beadwork form a curve, I’m simply asking the wrong question. Or the right question at the wrong time.

Physics will need a few more hours and beads to catch up with destiny, and with the intent of the maker.

Joining a piece into a bangle from the start avoids this kind of insubordination, but it also takes about 20% more beads and time. And bangles rattle around on one’s wrist. If you are down with that, by all means, make bangles. Bangles rule.

Strap band pieces like this will make you nuts if you try to tell them what to do. One must trust in the math, because if properly executed, it will in fact form a perfect curve. I’ll show you tomorrow. Also, tomorrow, I get the delivery date for the flat of Volume I books. It’s a matter of DAYS now!

Now It Makes Triangles, beadwork in progress by Kate McKinnon, CGB Vol II

2 thoughts on “Now it’s a stack of triangles.

  1. Thank you for showing us the intermediary forms. For a newbie to this technique, it’s very reassuring to know that it looks wrong before it looks right. Or as you most accurately said…the right question at the wrong time.

    • They always look like they are never going to work, and then, they do. They just need enough structure. Mine is back to acting square again, as I am starting the decrease from Wings to Horns. Once they horn out, the band will be round again. It’s really amazing to watch happen.

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