hiding from the cold wind

I’d forgotten one thing in my domain transfer- to send katemckinnon.com back to this blog. Whoops! Sorry if anyone thought I vanished. I did not.

It’s cold and windy today. It’s relative; this is probably an incredible, beautiful summer day for Newfoundland. However, it’s cold for here, and the lizards and I feel foolish for trying on our summer skirts yesterday. According to the experts the happy news is that as of tomorrow, we start climbing relentlessly upward to joy. This summer is going to be 100% about the lizards, the pool, and Volume II of CGB, all mixed up together in bikini-wearin’ bliss, bracketed by a spring photoshoot with Kyle and a late fall final shoot in Barcelona.

I say, hell yes. This is exactly the life I hope for in the next year. All of my boxes in the calendar look correct, as they always do when I pencil them in. Bill and I say to each other, “It sounded good at the time!” and we laugh. But the near future looks really nice, lots of open space and time to work and live and potential to see the boys. No commitments to anyone else at this point.

This is the colour fade in the stair gallery at Casa Batllo. Tilework relates so nicely and directly to beadwork; both are pixelated. When you view this space from below, the top seems so much further away, because it’s darker blue.

From the top view, like below, it’s mostly just disorienting. Which is good too.

colour fade

I could study Gaudi for a lifetime, and only run out of breath.

I told Liam he could drive my car this summer, that he can squire me around if he likes. He grows visibly taller as he thinks about being the one with the keys. I know him, he dreamed of this day. I know just exactly how he feels. I was the same.

To distract myself from the cold wind I am rebeading a black and white winged and horned Pagoda confection that I ruined last fall with a fatal tailoring error and then destroyed with a cut so that I could never attempt to rig it (damn me! I could have rigged it!). I alternate this reworking with wishing someone would fix me something fabulous to eat (this is not going to happen) daydreaming about meeting Ferry (I have picked out my gloves and located my bow and arrow earrings, each of which are a nice start) and watching Boston Legal from DVD. Shatner and Spader, Candice Bergen, Julie Bowen, Tom Selleck, Mark Valley, and Rene Auberjonois (who will always be Odo to me).

I loved that show. Loved Shatner in the role. Denny Crane!

Denny Crane.

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 5.11.56 PM

6 thoughts on “hiding from the cold wind

  1. We watched Star Trek, the Voyage Home Friday night, and Shatner looked noticeably younger than he did while Searching for Spock.

    And now, at 80, seriously, 80-something? He looks amazingly fantastic.

    I like to think of it as a wonderful combination of foresight and optimism. He knew he would be around, and awesome, at 80, so he made sure he would look it, too.
    The long game, well played.

    • I love a good long game. Of course, he’s also had plastic surgery. It was a trip to go from Boston Legal over to the Oscars and by God, there was Shatner, making a cameo in a Star Trek uniform. Trip!

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