things I am thinking about before my canoe goes over the waterfall

1. My canoe is about to go over a waterfall. A waterfall of love, sure. But this floating down the river business, which has been like an idyll, is about to rapidly end and a lot of clever paddling for a lot of miles is about to start. The books are slated to arrive in five days.


2. I’m renting my house out for winters from now on- I want to find someone who wants to live here October-February, and then I will live here March-September. That strikes me as a GENIUS way to have roommates- simply time-share the property, instead of day-share my life. So, all of you Tucson lovers, Gem-Show goers… Who wants to rent my Atomic Ranch next winter? Ideally, of course, I’d like to find someone I know or know through friends. I want to rent it for the entire period, not just the Gem Show months, and I’ll want a signed lease and a deposit to reserve it.

I am going to be a summerbird, see, and I need to find me some snowbirds. Plenty of people dream of having a house in Tucson, but don’t want to buy one. I’d be happy to have a long-term relationship with people who want to consider the Ranch exactly that, their house in Tucson. I made a page for this idea here. Please feel free to forward the link.

easy livin

easy livin

3.  I’m arranging my next year of life now, like God, with little slips of ideas on a box full of boxes. Looking at maps, looking at my next two books, looking at where I want to place myself, and when, and most importantly why. Why? I need to have a why now. Time is getting short and shorter, and I need to be sure to have enough time with my sons before they fledge. Last year was ridiculous; there was nothing resembling balance. I saw too little of them, and my heart bends their way.

Right now (and this is supremely exciting) I’m planning a dive down into Italy and Spain after the swoon of meeting Ferry in England… I am thinking that Volume II of this book will have its text written (and pieces photographed) from Barcelona, in November. I mean, why the hell not. GAUDI. The time has come. The time is here.

4.  In light of this, I’m calling a theme on the book: architecture. Swoops and soars, bold colour, classic forms. Structure!

5.  I love you. Thank you for everything.

3 thoughts on “things I am thinking about before my canoe goes over the waterfall

  1. Amazing how the universe works! Planning a trip to Barcelona in September. Gaudi has been calling to me forever. Can’t wait for the sensory overload!

    • That’s a nice time to go- still good and hot. I’ll be there in very early November, so it won’t be warm exactly, but I’m hopeful it will be mild. I can’t help my timeline, I am at the mercy of Commander Ferry. I will be freshly baked from spending the entire summer in Tucson; weather in the 50s is a lot easier to take at the end of summer than at the tail of winter.

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