other times and places

Oh go ahead and play it. It’s a great one and you probably haven’t heard it. 1974! (Whoops! I got the link wrong first time, it’s supposed to be Another Time, Another Place. Got it?)

Pulsing lovebomb fine wale corduroy orange pants were worn by me today in the spirit of this 70’s state of mind.

I got a lot done this fine day, and some important things thought about. I have so much to think about. And just a few days left to ponder them. Happily the weather was on my side- it was sunny and warmer and it’s possible that winter is over here. Possible. You never know. I mean, out of freaking nowhere, tomorrow is a windy cold day. Boo. But it should just keep getting relentlessly more beautiful here, and for that, I’m grateful. I’ve got one more winter-possible week in St. Louis, mid-March…but even a blizzard there can’t be more than a last chance to freeze my ass off before summer, glorious summer, descends.

Today I got out my summer skirts and tried them on, sewed the button back on my favorite swimsuit, set flowers around the pool. And I worked a bit on my Gaudilayers cuff, which will make your eyes fly open.

I’m getting excited for our photoshoot. Just a few weeks now! Beaders, what are you sending me? Pieces from Volume I are welcome as well as new work- this is a chance to get your lovelies professionally shot (by Kyle Freaking Cassidy no less) on beautiful models of both sexes. Make me a hatband, why don’t you, and I will photograph it on a sexy cowboy, or Kyle’s Shot Hat (Ken Thomas shot a hole in it with a GUN) or on a pretty boy in a frock coat. Must I say it again? Send me your dang beadwork!

Email for address. Contact link above.

SEE?  Your hatband could be on this hat!

I caught me a cowboy!  Photo by Ken Thomas, Nov 2010

Photo above of Kyle and Kate by Ken Thomas, who shot the hat, and was then shot by Kate with Kyle’s camera.

Ken Thomas In the Barbie Coach, photo by Kate McKinnon with Kyle Cassidy's Fish