There’s a huge winter storm bearing down on Tucson, snow down to 2500 feet predicted. The Tucson airport sits at 2643. So if the forecast holds, that means snow at my house. WTFF? Snow is about the only thing that makes extremely cold weather even remotely interesting to me (well, snow and the ice diamonds that pile up when frozen rain comes down on frozen ground) so I guess if three days of freezing yuck are coming, I’ll take the fluffy stuff. But I’m more than ready for summer. Bill and the lads are about to get an ice storm, I guess this is better. It will be fun to go up to Mt. Lemmon when they reopen the road after the storm, but it won’t be as much fun without the lads.


The boys in 2008, Mt. Lemmon

Acupuncture was intense and lovely, every point freaky and pingy. I told Larry, in the past four days, everything has streamed out of me. Words, effluvia, virus, blood, tears of rage at losing the Bernstein in the pointless cacophony of the Adams. I told him about getting so outrageously mad at Adams for being a tedious prong, and with perfect comic timing, he stabbed a needle (beneficially of course) into my hand and said “HUGE John Adams fan, don’t you be stepping on my man.” I laughed helplessly, having no idea if he’d even heard Adams before.


10 thoughts on “Wowza

  1. I shudder to think of the traffic chaos if Tucson gets snowed in. I doubt if the Tucson city budget includes provision for snow plowing.

  2. I know someone who has some snazzy salt shakers! All kidding aside, my husband lived in Tucson when it snowed once. His advice: stay home! It’s the other “no problem, so it’s just snow” drivers that will take out that beautiful Miata you just loved and cared for again! People in Chicago still don’t understand snow can kill. Every night I see horrible multiple car pileups, where it snows every year! Please stay safe! My brother actually worked in San Francisco…it snowed there one day. He parked his car in the lot at work & took the BART home, born & bred in Chicago, lived for several years in Wisconsin, ran for his life! Spare yourself & the Miata! We’re expecting snow on Thursday through Friday…poop!

  3. Watch out Kate! We just had a storm forecast to snow down to 2000 and it snowed down to 1000. Hundreds of cars involved in pileups and accidents. Stay off the roads!

    • Ayuh, I stocked up like a good Mainer. It is somewhat humorous, though, to think of snow actually STICKING on the ground in Tucson. I mean… it just doesn’t happen. And anyway, people who are here now either come from cold lands and know the drill, or are used to driving in floody rain. What I’m not looking forward to are the winds- they are already starting. Wind is what I hate more than anything else in nature. I’d rather be in sub-zero temps than big wind.

  4. There is a foot of snow on our property just 50 minutes east of my house. Snow level down to 3,000. Sink holes in downtown due to water main break and rain. MUD. My roof is leaking. And in other San Diego storm disaster news, a plastic chair on my porch blew off into the front yard. Thankfully, no one was hurt. ;-)

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