My Skirts/Underskirts piece is coming along nicely.
It’s slow going, these layers, especially when you start working in size 15s.



It might be difficult for you to count layers from a photo, but there are three (so far). It’s easy to add them when you pop in a few Guide Rounds.

12 thoughts on “underskirts

    • merci! more coming to it, of course! I should have made the distinctions clearer between levels, but I didn’t know where i was going. I’m planning a good demo piece for Vol II, as you might imagine.
      : )

  1. Oh Kate, what you do to me! Please start putting warnings by your photos cautioning us to continue breathing when we see the images! I am in wonderful, confusing ecstasy with this skirted piece of yumminess. I am in the midst of “petticoating” some bead structures right now. It is so annoying that I have to stop beading to do other activities…like sleeping!

  2. You have no idea how much this pleases me. This is now the desktop image on my work computer. That way, I can examine structure and placement and whatnot while I’m on the phone with tedious vendors and endless loops of stupid with shipping companies. Although it makes me want to get home to my beads and start where I left off.

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