warm and sunny

waking up sunny

I slept for 14 hours, getting up only once to complain about John Adams. I awoke refreshed and kind of achy from Viral Invasion to a huge big warm sunny day, doors and windows open. I’m not sure where to start…it’s been almost exactly three weeks since I was alone, working. Cleaning up is usually how I get back in sync, and this one is kind of a reverse cleanup, moving all of the book kits and swag bags and postcards back to the two big tables. I was afraid to leave the swag bags out during the party in case someone thought they were party favors. They sort of look like it.

I’ve been working away on my Skirts piece and it’s coming on but honestly doesn’t look so different from the previous shot- beading in layers is very slow.

Miss Fish is so adorable. She was perfectly behaved for this wave of guests and slept in my arms while I rebuilt this morning. I could feel it happening, it felt like repairing beadwork. I’m excited to begin this phase of delivery, after so long of being in one of only work.

Fishstick in the sun

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