a lovely day

If I could bottle the way I feel right now, well that would be a thing. I love flying into Bill’s arms, it’s expedient and fruitful and full of romance.  And then, today, astonishingly, like a fever dream in which you win the lottery, tickets were acquired by myself and Jean Power to see Bryan Ferry in England- I will see him in Oxford and then again in Nottingham (with Jean). Both tickets are meet-and-greet. I am overwhelmed with the excellence of it all and I have, despite my globetrotting, never done anything quite like this before, you know, bought a special ticket to an event in another part of the world. That Nottingham is a gift from Jean is even more spectacular. I swell with joy, like I was slightly dry and then soaked in wine.

The four of us are headed out to Sicilian dinner tonight. I missed the boys this past month, and I like to see them dress up and behave, it’s thrilling. It’s disorienting and riveting to have these astonishingly man-like creatures who were so recently our little babies.

At least they still want suckers after haircuts. Me too.

Liam Sucka


8 thoughts on “a lovely day

  1. I am happy for you! How wonderful it would be indeed, to bottle feelings, perfect moods and happy days :)
    I am amazed to see exactly the same hair movement on your son’s head as on mine, resulting in a whirling shape from the left up to the right down. My hairdresser said that I have the eye of a cyclone on the back of my head. You son is beautiful, his smile very lovely.

  2. Well – very excited for you to be seeing Bryan Ferry twice, in England and with Jean Power. When are the concerts? I’m not familiar with “meet-and-greet” tickets – are they benefit concerts?

    Would you ever consider beading something for him as a gift? Just wondering.

    • I don’t see myself beading Ferry a gift, no… it’s hard to imagine. Ha! The meet and greet tickets are simply more expensive- it’s nuts now but almost always the first 2 or 5 rows are withheld from sale, and turned into “VIP package” tickets (or given to nobs) and so if you are willing to pay a lot more for them, you get treated like you’re special. I’ve always been annoyed by this but finally said “yes” because I haven’t been able to get decent seats in years, and despite getting my last set of Ferry tickets the second they went on sale, we were halfway back in Chicago and couldn’t even see his dang face. So the only way to get decent seats anymore is to pay for VIP. In this case, the package includes meeting Ferry and getting a photo with him. So… I caved.

      Shows are in late October/early November! He has no plans at this time to take the whole show on the road to the US- for this UK tour, it’s kind of a sentimental tour for him, playing the halls he first brought Roxy Music to… and has both the jazz band and the “rock band” with him. I share his excitement and sentiment… it will be a pleasure to see the shows.

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