Things are still 100% whirl here, or perhaps more so, because Gail is off work and ready to play. And we are making the most of it. Today we’ve been to a hilarious thrift store and the Gem Mall. Gail is at Carlisle’s for a massage, and Electric Larryland looms pleasantly in the foreground for both of us, hopefully followed by extremely spicy Thai food.  (If Gail can take it after massage and cloudsurfing.)

Also: snow in Tucson.

JUST LOOK at the sky. I wither a bit each day when there is no big blue sky over me. Our planet is so beautiful.

snowy day in tucson

Going to the Gem Mall (which is really nothing like a mall) was my only foray into the shows, and it includes textiles, baskets, findings, gems, pearls.. display things. Crazy beautiful hand-embroidered coats from Kashmir, hand-cast metals, and beads and gems and pearls and crystals from literally every corner and crevice of Terra. We saw a lot of familiar faces. Gail badged me in and I promised not to sully her good name. I think I did OK.

Lou Zeldis passed away last year, but his booth lives on. For now.

Groove on his dragon bracelet:

Lou Zeldis

I didn’t buy much; it’s hard to know what I might need/be able to use in the coming year. Want is easy, there was much to WANT. The coats from Kashmir, of course. Magnificently cut gems, carved wooden hands and boxes… rugs. Beads. Baskets.

I did get a few things to share, and a few unusual beads and metal links to incorporate in the seed bead work.

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