Back to business!

Whoa, just like that and it’s just Gail and I, one cat for each of us. Miss Fish is savaging a Q-Tip, thrilled by the soft morning, and Gail is off to a show and a shop. Later we will go out and storm the thrift stores.

CGB Cover

In the meantime, I want to mention that Contemporary Geometric Beadwork is at the bindery, and will be shipping out beginning February 28th. I could faint with excitement. Have you ordered your copy? I can still tuck in some pre-order swag- we have a lot of beautiful postcards and such. CGB Volume II is also available for pre-order- we will be opening the Specials For Pre-Orders page for it soon, starting off with a bang, with a new stitch path that lays in a Guide Round at the same time a peyote round is placed. Slick trick. Pre-order the book if you want to play with us during production, and have the opportunity to have your work featured in the book.

I have lots of shipping and final production expenses coming up, so please forgive a post that is all about what we are doing and how you can order it. It’s just time to earn a bit of money and pay some bills. And I thank you most kindly for your links, mentions, FB Likes and orders. By the way, if you aren’t hooked into the book on Facebook, here is a link. Join us! It’s going to be hopping on there again soon, when the books get into people’s hands.

We shoot the souvenir calendar in a month- Rock Star Photographer Kyle Freaking Cassidy is flying out from Philly for the deed, and we have the most astonishing models lined up, both boys and girls. They will be modelling pieces from Volumes I and II, so if you have something finished or in progress that you think we will want to consider shooting, please take note of the date:  MARCH 13th. This is the real actual drop dead deadline to get your pieces to Tucson. Email me photos of anything you’d like us to consider.

I’m adding a couple of kits to the Shop that I think will be wonderful introductions to our book. The first is the Triangles Kit, a lovely little package that contains a colour matte print (suitable for taking notes on) of our entire Triangles Section- this is an astonishingly useful 48 pages of information about how to create both flat and dimensional triangles and puffs, and includes complete illustrated patterns for the Caldera or Power Puff Bangles, Power Puff Rings, and Flat Peyote Triangles. This is a tremendous introduction to architectural beadwork, and a good teaser for the CGB books and classes. The kit comes with enough Delicas to make a complete Power Puff Bangle (over 50 grams), and does include mixed beads as well as single colours, so that this sort of excitement can be had.

Order the kit here, or click the photo below.

Kate McKinnon's "Power of Jean Power" Power Puff Bangle, 2011, Contemporary Geometric Beadwork 2012, photo kate mckinnon

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  1. So excited! The first one will come as a slightly late birthday gift for me. And I just pre-ordered the 2nd one, too….so I’m looking forward to all manner of beady goodness!


  2. Now that I am home, All I want to do is bead on my belly band and create some spectacular Triangular ring or something just as exquisite! I will incorporate one of my new triangle gemstones somehow! Wooo Hooo! Thank you so much for the inspiring and restful weekend.

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