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Kate and Susan and Sailor Bri

Above, me, Sailor Bri, and Susan Blessinger. My salute needs some work. I’m really not cut from military cloth. I so crazy love the picture of Bri in her uniform that I can’t stop showing it to people, which is funny, because I am about the last person that will whip out photos of her family members and make you look at them.

Below, Sandy Tiss looking beautiful in blue, very mermaidy. LOVE the eyes.Party 6

Below, my cousin Cecily, with a double string of aquamarines.

Cecily Conine

and Jeannette Cook and Jay O’Rear, in our great 50’s kitchen (which looks hilariously tiny in this photo but is actually a normal-sized kitchen).

Party 2

I could go on. There are lots more pix on Facebook, in an album called “Party At Kate’s House”.

I was sorry to have missed some people who were just too shagged out after a slamming day at the shows- the To Bead True Blue had to break down, the Whole Bead had a late night, the Flame-Off was happening, and some of our friends’ booths were rocking for eight hours straight, like Gary Wilson’s. I missed seeing Gary, Kelly Angeley, my friend Dorothy, my cousin Heidi, Mark and Betcey, Dustin, Nikia, Robin, Abbi, and Greg.  Rayo, Doriot, and Bill McKinnon. I did see many other delightful people, which was excellent.

We can’t see everyone in life whenever we feel like it. However much we feel like it.

I don’t think I’m going to be here for the shows next year; I’m planning a winter escape, to rent my space out and skip out on the cold for a few months. So I’m soaking it up now while I can.

6 thoughts on “party pictures

  1. My dad did his boot camp at Great Lakes…seven degrees, huh? Even in his delicate state, when I told him of her commission, he was so thrilled for her. He loved to sail with his friend on a magnificent sail boat in San Francisco Bay with a friend from Tiberon. (My dad had a beautiful power boat that he WAS the captain, he drove that beauty like a captain for hire.
    I can’t wait to show him Bri’s picture. By the way, he wished her a line from an old Irish Blessing…”may the wind always be at her back”. Coming from my dad, she will be safe, snug and always out of harm’s way. It truly was a blessing.
    Please wish her the best from an old timer and his daughter. Hugs & congratulations to you both.


  2. Thanks bunches for a most excellent party, Kate! I love to see what you have done with your “back 40”. And LOVE the picture of Bri!

  3. It is always wonderful to partake in your gracious hospitality and so much work for you. It is truly appreciated by everyone who gathers here. So good to get to know each other more intimately. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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