soft cool rain

Simon wonders, where is everyone?

He loves having company. He’s probably curled up with Joyce Rooks right now, or maybe Kim van Antwerp. He’s no fool.

Simon Wheres the Party

The weather treated us well, not getting cold until late night, and not starting to rain until just before dawn. The ground in the back yard is fresh and perfect and it smells cold and pretty outside.

Kirk partying

Kirk remained unmolested. Some people did in fact raid the costume closet, and Susan Blessinger was one of them. Gowns are fine hanging in closets, but I like to see them come to life. I love it when people put them on.

Susan Blessinger

Doriot’s green laser fireflies were a huge hit in the B40. Impossible to photograph, but lovely to see.

And yesterday Bria graduated from boot camp a sailor, and reports to Boston next week for her awesome gig on the Constitution. I suspect that she and the Navy will get on well and I can’t wait to come and visit her. Boston’s been on my list for a long time.

Sailor Bri reporting for duty

13 thoughts on “soft cool rain

  1. Although, I can’t imagine you coming here in winter…choose the timing of your visit here well. Right now the state is basically shut down!

  2. You will love Boston, and New England if you have time. Everything is very small in distances, like Lichtenstein. You can get in the car in Jamaica Plain find yourself in P-Town or Providence in no time (well, barring the dreaded rush hour). No offense to any Massachusetts folks, but there are about 6 weeks in the spring and fall that are drop dead gorgeous and comfortable for visiting–the other 9 months are either freezing and dangerous driving or humid with biting flies. And then there’s dog shit season. Oh never mind…you should go!

  3. happy you had a lovely time! what is that giant owl thing behind Kirk? And congrats for your daughter’s graduation.

  4. In a poll taken a few years ago, it showed the vast majority of Boston drivers think a red light means slow down and that stopping is optional. That’s really crazy dangerous. Be careful! Tell Bri also. Otherwise, it’s great there. Spent lots of time in Boston in my youth.\

  5. Kate, you were lovely in your long black coat with the fur collar and Susan was elegant in the her long gown. I loved all of the intimate spaces into which you have divided your garden, the garden was very fun to explore. Bria looks so official in her uniform that she earned. She’s going places!

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