good times

Everyone is awake, and the house smells like espresso (a very good thing) and Gail is going off to work at the To Bead True Blue and Miss Fish and I are chilling before getting seriously ready to party. I’m pleased about it all. I am a hermit and a loner, true, but in my own way I am extremely gregarious and I love my people. It’s good to have a house full of loved ones, and it’s good to be alone.

We had a great day yesterday, cleaning the house (most enjoyable if done correctly) and getting fancy and going to Hub to meet up with Bill and Chalon for dinner.

Joe and Kate

Joe Pagac in action

We caught Joe Pagac painting a mural on the side of the Rialto, a good feat. He works so quickly that sometimes it seems like his pieces appear out of thin air. It’s always exciting to see him in action.

If you are coming to the party tonight, bring a sweater or something so you can enjoy the outside as well as the inside- it will be a nice day, but will definitely get down to around 50 or below as the night deepens.

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  1. looked for your Pirate’s Guide this morning to send a link to some show-attending friends. No longer available? There’s a ‘look here’ link but it goes nowhere. Have awonderful party–looks like you are well prepared!

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