getting ready

We spent all day pimping the house and yard, doing all of those things that I don’t do for myself. Susan Blessinger showed the windows who was boss by taking out the screens and washing them, and doing all of the glass with a squeegee. Astonishing! I took all of the stuff off of the metal cabinets in the kitchen and washed them all down. We plugged in the extra fridge, dedicated entirely to fabulous beer.

arrogant bastard


Joyce Rooks and Jeannette Cook got in safely tonight, and so we well and truly have a house full. It’s nice, and we are all looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

The bound books will not be here for the party- they are still a few weeks away.

So tomorrow night is just for fun. And love.

7 thoughts on “getting ready

  1. And you’re having my favorite ale! How could you?! (why ever did they do away with the interrobang? where’s my special character?) Have a spanking marvelous time!

    • Doriot, did each of us not try to get you to get into that car? Ha! We miss you terribly but will have you in spirit, both in the Arrogant Bastard Ale (“beer is my favorite thing!”) to the skillions of fireflies in the depths of the b40. THANK YOU!

  2. Have a fantastic time! (How could you not?) So wish I could join you in person, but I will certainly be thinking of you all tonight.


    • Hell yes! We are having bellydancing again. Remember how all of the Rollergirls were so well-behaved, acting like they were lined up at a Jr. High dance last time? I asked one, “Why are you all so Girl Scouted right now?” and she said “Well, we are at someone’s Mom’s house, you know…” I died laughing.

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