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Yesterday was a day of icebreaking, progress, things moving along, resolution. I love those days/moments, and always think of them as having their own momentum, like a wave I can let wash over me or try to catch, and ride.

I am happy. And it looks like the weather will stay nice at least through the party on Friday, which is all I can ask of the weather.


Bri got a fantastic assignment for her first Navy tour, she did in fact get scooped up to crew on the USS Constitution (in the Boston Harbor) for two years. This is a very nice gig, and a great compliment to be chosen- the crew of the ship is hand-picked, and she will be beautifully trained. She’ll learn everything about the ship, from keeping it in good trim (starting in the wood shop) and how to rig and sail it, and of course how to repel pirates. And they give tours, talk to schools, and (best of all) take the ship out to sea about five times a year. Good times. And having the Navy be a day job for the first leg gives her the chance to explore diving in her off-time, or learn any of the thousand things they can teach her. I’m so pleased for her.

The Constitution is a beautiful ship, much revered by those who pay attention to naval battles and ceremony, and each crew is entered into the record at the Library of Congress. I am charmed. (photos courtesy US Navy)


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    • YES! She is a freaking Sailor, a real sailor on a real sailing ship. She’ll learn to rig, and hoist, and fold, and navigate, and swab and mend and then also gets to be an ambassador for the Navy, cause that’s the other part of being crew on that ship. It’s such an awesome posting, and how great that it’s a two-year gig- she can really explore those groovy East Coast cities… Boston, NYC, Philly, Pittsburgh, DC…she is very pleased.

  1. Fantastic! Bri must stand for brilliant.. I am pretty sure not many have the chance to have their classes on a vessel like this… happy for her. and for you. and for the weather… if you’d see the weather here you might understand why I am totally depressed by now… brrrrrrrr.

  2. Kate, that’s GREAT! our modern Navy ships are great and powerful with a grace all their own – but a sailing ship – The Constitution! That’s where you can feel the Navy’s heartbeat and fall in love! Congrats to Bri!

  3. Congratulations to Bria! Old Ironsides is a grand old lady. My dad worked at the Charlestown Navy Yard which was the home of the U.S.S. Constitution for many years (still is even tho the navy yard closed many years ago); we visited her every year. I now live in Marblehead MA, the birthplace of the American Navy. Marblehead has a history with Old Ironsides dating back to the War of 1812 when Marblehead militia provided defense and shelter from a British warship. 16 years ago, my husband I were given the opportunity to be on board when Old Ironsides visited Marblehead. It was an incredible experience…as soon as I went aboard, the distinctive scent of old timber and tar transported me back to childhood!

  4. This is SO COOL! My husband & I have toured this ship in a previous visit to Boston. Boston is a great place to be! Congratulations to her!

  5. I’m so impressed and really happy for Bri. What a plum post that is. And Boston is such a great city (except for the drivers and the winter). I hope she has a fantastic time.

  6. Very exciting for Bri! Wonder if she and her ship will be playing any part in the Tall Ships festivities on the Great Lakes this summer in conjunction with the War of 1812 anniversary, since Old Ironsides was part of the battle all those years ago? They are coming to Toronto in June, I hope to see them!

  7. How wonderful for her and how proud you must be! Heck, it sends a shiver up ( or down) my spine just thinking of all the history, I can imagine what a thrill to be a part of it now!!

  8. Great first gig in the Navy. Bri must be one special lady, but then looks who her mother is… I am very happy for you and her. It’s hard to realize that not that long ago, those kinds of ships were the only means of transportation across the pond! Looking forward to hearing about her adventures at sea. I have seen the ship once in Baltimore Harbor and she is one grand lady.

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