swamped in details

It’s snowy in St. Louis, much to the delight of the boys, and they made a Roman bust/cartoon sort of snowman. MOST excellent. I miss them terribly. I’m in Tucson for weeks, having guests, an excellent party, and receiving and sending postcards and books (which is very exciting). So it will be a month yet until I see them, far too long. Bill and I tried to figure out how he could fly in for the party, but we just hate not having one parent on the scene, even though our boys are rather more men than boys now. Also, you know how Gem Show flights are- booked solid. It’s like flying to Spain and back, if you use miles. Crazed. So I am deprived of my King for the party.

the boys make a roman snowman

Books should be here in a few weeks; I hope to get them all shipped out in just a few days. I’m quite organized, and everything is ready to rock out the door. The international orders are the hardest. Each one needs a customs form, and takes time to get through the system at the PO, and there are hundreds. Hundreds. I’m grateful that there is worldwide interest in the book, but Lord!

The new US Customs forms are sadly stupid beyond belief and have to be filled out in triplicate with a ball point pen, even though the extra copy doesn’t go anywhere, it’s just in case I want one. It’s nuts. The old forms just split into two pieces, one stuck on the parcel, one stayed with the PO, and no, I don’t want one. It was an awesome form, simple, clean, efficient.

I definitely want to encourage more bead and book stores in Europe to carry the books, cause there is huge interest, and as has been pointed out, I need a distribution center across the water.

. . .

It’s not snowing here, but it’s not summertime either. The house is full of people, Miss Fish is curled up next to me, the yard is stuffed with birds, and I’ve got stacks of little things to do today. Luckily some of them are in the garden.

6 thoughts on “swamped in details

  1. can you send the books to a deposit center in Europe for re-dispatch? that is what beadwork and bead and button do, they send palettes of magazines sorted later at donno where exactly… Enjoy your guests, share the love. hugs

  2. Kate, I do some shipping overseas (nothing like the quantity you are shipping) but I find these forms less tedious through the USPS website. You also get a small discount. Then all you have to do is deliver them to the po and not even wait in line! One needs an account with them but it’s free so why not?
    Blessings, Nancy

    • Yes, Click and Ship is my only option with this volume. I find the process tedious but not so bad as waiting in line while they slowly input each bit of info.

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