overcast and soft

It’s a pretty but kind of grey day in Tucson. This morning I walked over to the Doubletree to take Carter and Aveesh a few tangerines and give Carter a little box I brought back from Paris. Their new location is amazing, right up in front of the main room of the show. Their fabric trims blew my MIND.

Somehow, though, all I came away with was a photo of Carter and Aveesh. Apparently, for the past 20 years, Aveesh could have grown all of that hair any damn time he felt like it. I’m like… WTF? I wish more men had long hair.

Carter and Aveesh

4 thoughts on “overcast and soft

  1. wonderful to see such beautiful people, as you say from the inside out. I love the long hair. hubby had long hair but not that beautiful…

  2. Oh, I walked past their booth today and took a quick look at their stuff. I shall go back and take a lcloser look now that I kn/ow that they are “Kate-recommended”.

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