simon under the table

Simon, of course, is enjoying the company. Gail Moore arrived this afternoon, so now we are four. Miss Fish isn’t so sure, but she also isn’t hiding under the bed, so… win.

When I went for a walk this morning, I saw two big coyotes trotting around the neighborhood. They were wary and wily and beautiful. If you look carefully (or click to enlarge) you can see one of them in the middle of the street.

coyote in the hood

Teresa and I made a run to Trader Joes, which was handy for a spot-check of the situation with the Casa Molina Toreador statue. It’s a sculpture with a following; hardly a day goes by without someone altering it. Usually they repaint certain… parts.

Toreador Casa Molina

closeup toreador

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  1. I would cut his head off. The toreador’s head, of course… or maybe place one of the bull’s horn in the middle of his front. That would be artful.

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