“one time only!”

So many things in my life are one-offs. I’m always on to the next thing, always taking on new ideas, projects, moving in new directions. I love it and wouldn’t change for the world, but it can be challenging to learn so many new tricks. I can see the practical advantage to repeating oneself for decades, but the concept is not for me. So the fact that I am doing a second volume of CGB is stunning. It’s a miracle if I make a matched set of EARRINGS.


Speaking of earrings, I’m still wearing them (it looks like that moment in Paris, captured above, was exactly the right moment for the assault to succeed) and I still attribute the success of the rather brutal and spontaneous street-cafe repiercing to the glare that Jean Power gave my earlobes, daring them to make trouble.

Now if I could ONLY FIND the beautiful gold bows and arrows that I bought in Paris that day.

I must have tucked them somewhere very, very safe.

I’m looking forward to Susan Blessinger and Teresa Sullivan arriving today, and Gail Moore tomorrow. What fun we will have…

4 thoughts on ““one time only!”

  1. I tucked away a $100.00 bill gifted to me by my mother-in law for Christmas. I put it in “a safe place” for a rainy day. She’s been gone 6 years, I can’t even remember which Christmas the gift was given to me and I’ll be damned if I can find it to this day. It must be a really good “safe place”!
    Hope you find those earrings…good memories, gorgeous earrings!
    Hey…we’re getting about minimum 3″ of snow overnight! Yipee! :-(

  2. Can you cast back to the day you unpacked? I hope you find them! I had cupid’s arrow earring envy for weeks after you posted.
    Marianne–I found a 100 bill tucked into a Clabber Girl Baking soda can in my late husband’s den. I thought it was some Montana Ladyfinger firecrackers, but was I surprised! I tucked it into an empty pill bottle and it came in very handy when a friend needed a quick cash loan.

  3. You look stunning in those earrings – and I am still loving that haircut.

    And I am incredibly jealous to think of that houseful of wonderfulness and fun. Jealous. In the nicest possible way.

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