Lord, lord, lord.

I probably have about ten posts over time with that total. At least! I had a trying morning, featuring cold greyness, technical difficulties, and the arrival of my test prints for the book and the discovery that I simply could not accept the photo quality of the book on the matte paper.

For 20 rather horrible minutes, I suffered from despair, because I really wanted to use matte paper.

I rapidly found my way through it, though- the matte paper is lovely to feel, lightweight, and more environmentally responsible- it will make perfect kit inserts and class handouts, and we are going to need LOTS of each in this coming year. I probably only delayed us a week, maybe two, and in fact have in reality SAVED Christina and I huge stacks of money as we won’t have to print kit inserts and class handouts. Why, I’ve probably just made a stupendous investment.

And the sun has sort of come out, and the Red Baronet is chip-chipping away in the yard. And Miss Fish is making biscuits on my arm. And the Internet is working again. And the book looks beautiful, aside from me not liking the paper for the first run. (In fact, in the 15 minutes after I wrote this post, we have it all figured out and we couldn’t be happier, and maybe one more person has a job who needed one, and we are already back in line on the presses for the run we will bind. Right on!)

(This copy is unbound- they will have pretty red spirals when finished.)
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5 thoughts on “Lord, lord, lord.

  1. Somehow I had always envisioned glossy pages when I was previewing those fabulous photos, it hadn’t occurred to me that they might be printed on matte paper (although I applaud the idea of being environmentally friendly where possible) so I can only say I’m even more excited than I was before about getting my copy in hand!! The red spiral binding will be the icing on the cake!

    • Well, glossy is what’s Done, I personally don’t like to touch shiny paper (or frosted glass) but as the photographer, I couldn’t live with the lost detail. Thank you for your sweetness….

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