Three more days!

I should remind you that there are only three more days to order Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, Volume I, and get a first edition, sent with Pre-Order Swag. Or to get extra gift copies (also with swag!) for only $25 each. Swag going out with Volume I includes Japanese puzzle erasers, bead samples, postcards… and an extra pattern. Tasty!

puzzle eraser french pastry

Also, all Volume II orders that come in before I ship out Volume I will get a special little packet with the first book, another neat little assortment of postcards, beads, and a different puzzle eraser and pattern. I can really only do this while I am sending books, so… sign up! We will get going on the Specials Pages in March.

There are also only THREE Cigar Box Bead Kits left (and they are excellent) and four sets of half-drilled pearls.

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 7.41.39 AM

10 thoughts on “Three more days!

  1. very teasy. I would buy it all if I could. I swear. Espescially all those yummie japanese fake goodies. :P the macarons look real. I adore macarons.

  2. Well, Kate, I was all set to purchase volume 2, but I find I must buy a computer instead, Since my wonderful Lenovo croaked last night! I hate having decisions like these for me by the universe!

  3. Kate, this is so exciting!

    You have such a talent for creating awesome projects and getting people jazzed about them. It feels like belonging to a club! I’m ready to go check my bank account and see if I can afford volume 2.

      • Nope, definitely not cliquey! More like a tree house club where all the neighborhood kids can come and eat cookies and read comic books and drink lemonade… and nothing at all like a Country Club.

        (I’ve always wanted a tree house, in spite of my fear of heights. As it stands, right now I have a rainbow tent on my bed, and it’s the perfect size and height for a club house.)

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