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Photo of the USS Constitution, possibly by Hunter Stires, wikicommons

Bri says that she may have a shot at the USS Constitution for her first assignment. What a beautiful ship. We may have “fewer battleships and bayonets” (stifled laughter) but this Civil War-era ship is a beauty. I love sailing ships, ship-shape things, and the sound of a wooden hull in the waves. I would not join the Navy, no, but I would very much like to kiss a sailor in a white uniform with lots of buttons next to this ship in a harbor. (Update- Bill chimes in to say that I should have read that wiki page, because while the Constitution was a Civil War troop ship, she was built much longer ago than that (to address the threat of “Barbary Corsairs”, of all things) and featured notably in the Battle of 1812. She launched in October of 1797.)

I cherish the lapse in dignity shown by our dignified President in the battleships and bayonets comment from the debates. I can count the times on one hand either Barack or Bryan Ferry have been undignified and I remember them fondly. Neither of them have ever been naked on the Internet, but should that happen, I will be there to see it.

I have a friend who is about to enter the Internets for the first time; she is an aware adult but simply set a policy a long time ago about computers and intertubes, and stuck to it until she became The Person who has to have group emails printed out and handed to her, and her unwillingness to be That Person is driving a new decision. Can you imagine seeing the Internet for the first time? You might not realize how vast it is.  You might think it was like TV, with channels.

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  1. Good for your friend! She will be amazed. I have one who has stubbornly dug in her heels and insists on being handed the print outs. She reminds me of people who refused to get a telephone.

  2. What a fun posting if Bri gets it! I like to imagine having a clean slate to see things fir the first time again. I also like to imagine people from the past time traveling to now to give us insights of how far, or not, we have come.

    • I know, such an exciting ship. She wants to go all over the world, learning new things… I think that if we have the right kind of open eyes and mind, we are always some level of clean slate, there is always new snow somewhere in us for plundering.

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