Hey, thanks.

Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered books, extra copies, calendars, bead kits, given us nice reviews, posted links to the book or to the Shop, etc.  Please enjoy Bryan Ferry with a Unicorn, smiling just for you. I am still impressed by how much they resemble each other, aren’t you?

Bryan Ferry with a Unicorn

I have paid for astonishing heaps of things… two tables in my house are loaded with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of beads, neatly tubed, puzzle erasers, needles, Smarties, wooden boxes, envelopes (a thousand dollars of those alone), signature plates, and 14,000 postcards in four designs. Six thousand dollars to the press so far. A couple of thousand for the ISBN, the ebook setup, to Kyle or Southwest Air for the model photography. Five thousand dollars still to pay in postage, another six to the press after the books arrive. I think that this would be a terrifying process to anyone who wasn’t sure of the outcome… but I’ve managed to do it all on a pay-as-I-go basis, thanks entirely to YOU. And that is… amazing. I thank you, from the heart.

Now it’s time for wholesale orders- Helby is getting set up for the book, and of course during this pre-order period, shop orders placed through me will come signed, with swag. Please mention the book to your bead store- it’s good for them to hear about it from their customers as well as from Helby and from me. I’ll be sending postcards around the shows, talking to people, and Helby will have a sample copy at their booth at the To Bead True Blue show, as will Mark and Betcey at their Beyond Beadery booth at the Best Bead Show. I’m almost giddy with excitement.

There really is no time to sit around drinking, though, as I’ve got about a thousand names, addresses and address updates still to enter in the spreadsheet, as many bookplates still to sign, envelopes to stamp, letters to write…the eBook to hotlink, and the Volume II specials page to get set up.

My first guests arrive this week, Susan Blessinger, Teresa Sullivan, and Gail Moore, rapidly followed by Kim van Antwerp, Jeannette Cook, Joyce Rooks and some party overnighters, like my friend Fish from Phoenix. We’ll have a rollicking household this year to be sure. I’m saving some of the jobs like signing bookplates for when we are all sitting around the table, laughing, drinking, beading.

kate-and-the-buddy-christ, photo by Jeannette Cook, 2010


4 thoughts on “Hey, thanks.

  1. We are all glad to do our part, for the most part the simple thing of pre-ordering, but the thanks and kudos go to YOU and the TEAM.

  2. I am still trying to imagine $1000 worth of envelopes. I did not think there were that many envelopes in Arizona, let alone on your dining room table. I hope they are sticky ones and not licky ones. Or at least honeymaplebacon flavored.

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