a gorgeous day

Even if nothing in my life had gone right until the last few days, they would have BEEN ENOUGH. That’s how awesome it’s been to once again have the doors open, rising early, working in the garden, taking life at a reasonable pace and feeling my muscles ache a bit at the end of each day. My dream life.

The light was astonishing all day.

wild light in the tucson sky

The sky was so blue behind the white fluffy clouds, and sometimes it was warm and sometimes it was sweatshirt cool and sometimes I forgot everything, especially myself, as I just existed in it, raking, twining, pimping.

awesome light 2

It was a painter’s light. I was inspired by the paintings I saw last night and I really see no reason I shouldn’t paint if I feel like it. I guess I’ll start with myself and head on from there. The light was so pretty that I took a photo to work from. (Oh, and I have actually grown some hair back, it was just in pigtails. It’s not nearly long enough again yet though.)

Kate in a good light for painting

I’m in pretty good shape for the book mailing- I have a few days of work entering boatloads of names into our database that Kat Oliva built and started off, but all of the Swag is Bagged and almost all of the postcards are in.

Just waiting for books….

; )

5 thoughts on “a gorgeous day

  1. What a fantastically gorgeous self-portrait. It’s absolutely luscious, so mind-bendingly cinematic. When are we going to do the movie?

    • Thank you so much! I like the painting of it that I changed my Facebook profile to. I’d like to do a real one, though, brushes, paint tubes. I want to paint everyone I love.

  2. Your photos with clouds are beautiful! If you are not already a member please consider joining The Cloud Appreciation Society. I am Member No. 7148 and there are currently 62,344 members from all over the world. At least check out the website. http://cloudappreciationsociety.org/ Your photos would be appreciated ;-)

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