it’s raining…

And it’s going to rain for days. The trees, stressed after our week of hard freeze, are sure to be enjoying it.  The cats are outraged, bickering, staring moodily out windows. The forecast, although changing every day, still predicts mild weather into the Gem Show time. I am hopeful. I remember what a blow it was, living in the Midwest and FINALLY escaping to Tucson for the shows only to find freezing weather and ice on the windshield. One year I just broke down and sobbed in a parking lot.

the prickly pear flowers and I are freezing


I was looking at my warmies yesterday, just one set of them- scarf, mittens, wrap, socks, fleece, and although I love the soft feel and the bright colours, it’s just a lot of baggage to me. Anything extra that must be worn, carried, or not forgotten is a drag on life and limits what else I can have and carry. I would be so happy to give away every piece of clothing I own and have five T-shirts, a sun hat, some hiking boots and flipflops and a couple of pairs of shorts and swimsuits, and never look back to the weight and pointlessness of dressers and closets full of protective layers.

I would, however, keep the closet full of vintage ballgowns. I need to choose one for tonight, one that won’t mind getting rained on. I’m glad I brought my long black fake velvet fake fur over-gown from St. Louis. It’s purrfect for keeping a more delicate gown dry and looks like every evil queen you have ever seen, long, slender, elegant, dangerous.

Why do I need a gown for tonight? Because I am going to see Joe Pagac’s opening of new paintings at the Congress tonight, and that is an Occasion. I only wish Bill was here to go with me, he would be so tall and handsome and he would wear a crazed tie. We are stunned to realize that in less than three years now we will be able to go anywhere in the world we want together. I suspect we are going to make the most of it. Here we are reflected in the Bean in Chicago.

Bean Reflections Oct 2011 Kate McKinnon

5 thoughts on “it’s raining…

  1. Wow, I really laughed out loud at your description of the black overgown and would love to see that. I had never heard of that mysterious bean before, it boggles my brain. Enjoy the ‘vernissage’.

    • Dave Moyer will be there, presumably with his camera! I’ll get him to photograph me. The Bean is an exquisite piece of public art. It would be fun wherever it was, reflecting anything, but is particularly powerful in the place it sits in Chicago (my favorite American city). It vibrates with life and buildings and people and awesome.

  2. Thank you for being the sort of person who wears a ballgown to an art opening. Tucson is far too casual sometimes, I get sad at how few chances there are to dress up!

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