Simon sleeping outside on a warm day
Simon, sleeping in the sunshine. I love the way the pattern looks like he is growing a white beard, sleeping, like Father Time.

It’s so gloriously warm here. I am grateful beyond measure. I am immersed in raking the yard, cleaning the pool, watching the hummingbirds, signing bookplates, assembling kits, postcards, address labels… building the database I should have kept current from Day 1.  And all of the doors are OPEN because it’s freaking beautiful outside. I’ve finally started catching up on my sleep, too, which feels fantastic. Still too many dreams, but hey. I feel the balance coming back. Seeing Larry last night was amazing. He was tired, but he had me tuned and back in sync even before the last needle went in. Like the genius who timed my Miata. I was alive again in just the right way, feeling, smiling, moving through. There are two lives for me now, with and without this magical key.

A thousand birds are chirping, hummers dart and dance, even a few groggy flies can be seen sitting on the ground, trying to figure out what day it is, like when we wake up during vacation and have no markers to identify our place in time and space.

Are you coming to Tucson for the Gem Shows? Let me know so I can find you, hug you, avoid you, or invite you to our PARTY! Or one or three of the above. Friday night, February 8th, and yes, we will have some books in the house. Dunno if the whole order will be here, maybe. Hopefully!

The honeysuckle by the pool is BLOOMING. I mean, give that vine a gold star. Blooming!

Honeysuckle blooming in winter


I’m trying to convince Bill to fly in for the party. I hope it works.

14 thoughts on “stunning!

  1. What a wonderful picture of my beloved Simon! How glad I am that it is warm there and that you are sharing the details with us here in the freaking cold north, how I wish I didn’t need a green card to move south to a warmer climate or that I was flying in for your party!

  2. Kate, I’m coming to Tucson! I would love to meet you and have everyone that has participated in the book, sign my copy (if they’re there?
    What shall I bring? Booze? Food?
    Let me know!
    I would love love love to shake your hand, hug you… Participate in your celebration?
    Peace and love, Lisa A. xoxo

    • Great! I’ll invite you on Facebook if I haven’t already.

      Check that, you were invited there two days ago, and all of the info can be found on the event page.

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