January specials: Just one more week!

I must tell you that there are only 10 Cigar Box Bead Kits left to order. I do not normally sell beads; the Cigar Box kits are just a beautiful thing, put together for the benefit of people who have a hard time finding beads, or choosing colours, and the boxes contain over 100 grams of Delica beads, some of them rather expensive Delica beads, and a selection of other delights to help you get started with any of the projects in the book. Also included are a large package of size 12 Pony beading needles and a few extras from my own personal hoard, like size 13 or 15 charlottes, and special bead mixes.

Cigar Box Bead Kits

I am also thrilled to report that we are only 13 orders away from a Viable Project for Volume II of CGB! This doesn’t mean that if I don’t get 13 more orders I’m not going to do it. It just means that if you’ve been meaning to order one, and join the Team, please do! This volume works a bit different than Vol I, in that I am not going to be publishing the photographs from the book anyplace but on the Specials For Pre-Orders page. So, join the Team, see the book come together, be a part of it all.

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 4.56.14 PM

Another thing to note is that the Extra Copy Discount for Volume 1, which allows those of you who have already ordered CGB but want a gift copy or two to pick one up at a discount, is only valid through the end of the month. That’s one more week! So if you want extra copies, with pre-order Swag, click this link.

Thank you all for your amazing, incredible support of this project.

Please ask your local bead store to carry the book! It’s made just for them- not undersold on Amazon, shrink-wrapped to keep the copies nice, and a free display copy of the book for the shops that order it. As I am working outside of the system on this one, I must rely on people to spread the word, and ask for (and recommend) the book.

There is a wholesale option available in the Shop- store owners can simply click to purchase, or email me for more or fewer copies. Thanks for passing on the word!

2 thoughts on “January specials: Just one more week!

  1. Kate, wish I could help you out with placing CGB in our local stores. Unfortunately, the two bead stores in our little (population 3,000) town of Galena do not sell needles, thread, or any good seed beads. They basically cater to people who string beads. One store carries a few hanks of seed beds, which are of questionable quality at best for consistency of size and color. I’ve suggested they carry books and materials related to bead weaving and they are totally uninterested…go figure!

    • Well, they may find that there is more interest in seed beading soon, with two volumes of CGB coming, and Jean Power’s book out, and you interested in seed beading and wearing your stunning work into their shops…

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