Bill in the car 2013

A fabulous family visit it was. I’m skipping out of here before the Extreme Freeze sweeps in this afternoon, frigidizing the entire Midwest. Repulsive! I can hardly stand to believe the Tucson forecast- HIGH 70s. For a week. Swoon. I’m going to get ready for a garden party. I was so excited to hear that we would have books in house for the event.

We went down to the Symphony last night, to see Leonard Slatkin, in town to conduct The Planets. It was beautifully done, and as a nice touch, they dimmed the lights in the last bars of the music so that the last of the light hung on the stage with the last note, and then went out. The chorus was, presumably, up in the balcony. It was ethereal.

Bill wore the correct tie:

Bill and Kate at Powell 2013

11 thoughts on “lovely

  1. I do too. You both look so happy and are so well suited! Enjoy your lovely weather as you escape the midwest. This sure is the time to get out of here!

    • Thank you! We are so happy together. People don’t know how he stands having such an Occasional Wife, but they just don’t know how much we love each other. I think we are perfect together too. And MY GOD it’s lovely here in Tucson! 79 TOMORROW!!!

      I am sorry you are falling into an Arctic Freeze…

    • He had two possible Star Trek ties to wear to the Planets, but Shatner badly wanted to come. The other one just had the Enterprise on it, and a random planet.

  2. Boy, do I feel stupid…I was so distracted by the happiness of your faces and the “secret planet sign” formed by your hands that I thought Bill was wearing a Three Stooges tie! And, yes, I have recently had my eyes examined! You both DO look great!

  3. For the love of God and those of us that live in this hell hole of frozen wasteland, PUHLEESE stop bitching about the weather, it is echoing the thoughts in my head (which I am desperately trying to ignore). i love you kate but enough all ready.

    • Sorry, Ann, it doesn’t work that way. If you are miserable in your weather, maybe you can do something about it. But it’s hard to imagine reformatting myself as the person you envision. Should I never talk about things I don’t like in life? Sorry you hate winter too, but what you ask is not going to happen.

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