words we love and hate

I start my early mornings with email; the daily piece from the Visual Thesaurus is always worth my time. I believe I mentioned previously that I joined up, just to support the concept of people blogging about words and maintaining their excellent visual database.

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 8.19.37 AM

Check them out. This morning’s blog resonated strongly with me, as I have very definite feelings about words I like, words I don’t. I think it’s funny that one of the most hated words in English is “moist”, because I very much like words that sound like what they are.

And, for extra credit, they referenced Python.

Other email was equally inspiring. I got this nice offer from a “woman” hoping to meet a “man”.

“Hello!  My dear far friend!  Hundreds of kilometres dividing us from each other, but in love there can be boundaries. I’m beautiful and tender woman who dreams of love. I’d like to meet a man who has strong will, intelligence, and kind heart. I count on a strong relationship. My favorite man should be attractive, kind and non-conflicted.”

All of this helps distract from annoyances like UPS, possibly the least useful company on Earth to call on the phone. My driver showed up last night with a ground label for an air pickup, and I had to simply hope for the best at dispatch. Naturally, they can’t help me find my unarrived proofs without a tracking number. Which I didn’t get. Ah, UPS, I loathe your phone service.

6 thoughts on “words we love and hate

  1. Should I forward the mail I keep getting offering to help with my erectile dysfunction? It could come in handy on your date (should you choose to accept). You would think “Kate” and “Stephanie” were easily recognizable as being women’s names, but I guess not…

  2. Happily despite the UPS pickup driver having no label and me having no tracking number, the package did marvelously arrive. I could have just had a mimosa and gone back to bed and the result would have been the same, only better, because I would not have become annoyed and wasted a half hour of time.

    There are many lessons here.

  3. I love reading your posts because I learn a lot of words : ) – I received a letter today, in which my husband was refferred to as my ‘partner’ (which is a neutral word, neither masculin nor feminine) and then suddenly, in the list of questions: if my ‘wife’ speaks French, or maybe another language? Administration… have they still not realized that sometimes a man is at home and the wife having a job?

  4. How lovely to start my day listening to Monty Python! Thank you…….I named my sons Matthew & Andrew because I liked the sound of the names. I wanted them to have masculine names that sounded kind, like a strong man who would have a gentle ,warm hug.

  5. Whatever happened to UPS? They used to be the good, reliable shipper. But I think FedEx beat the pants off them so they’re rolling over and playing dead. We had an issue with a delivery. They said they had tried to deliver the package at 1:34 pm but no one was home. Complete and total lie. Not only were we both home but there’s an office that takes packages if we aren’t at home. I hate being lied to.

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