tiny tiny marvels

I am frequently asked about the vintage metallic charlotte beads I use in my work. And I always say, “go get some from Teresa Sullivan. All four colours are highly recommended, and you know, you won’t be able to get these forever. Teresa is attempting to raise funds for her trip to the Tucson shows, which also translates to Teresa’s being at OUR PARTY ON FEB 8th and signing your book, on her stunning page.

We need charlottes, Teresa needs a few hundred bucks. A match made in heaven. I ordered the 24k gold 13s. I have a little idea…

Teresa Sullivan Shop


9 thoughts on “tiny tiny marvels

  1. You all rock! I’m busy packaging these lovlies and I’ll be making a trip to the post office soon. You early birds caught the rarest, juciest worms—the 11/0 copper true cuts. Already gone, to make room for the last of the 11/0 24k gold… Just put these up on the site last night.

    I’m very, very stoked that these are going to righteously talented people. Have fun with ’em!

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