life with boys

The Evan, Jasper and Worf stare-downs. I think Evan looks like Bowie, especially now that he is so tall and lanky, and has become graceful from karate. Fierce!

Evan Jasper and Worf Stare Downs

A guitar no one plays (except to look cool while Skyping with girls) and the usual stacks of newspaper. Everywhere, stacks of paper. Tiny rubberbands from two people wearing braces in every crevice.

stacks of paper and a guitar

No new rubberbands will appear, unless they multiply. Liam got his braces off yesterday. He was astonishingly happy, and lo and behold, he and I have the same smile. This fact was unknown until yesterday. He isn’t really yellow. It’s the fluorescent light at the orthodontist’s office.

Liam got his braces off

Liam identifies as an Irish-Canadian lumberjack. Who am I to argue?

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  1. buy a huge box of dental floss for Liam – for a life time… He looks really happy and yes he has the same smile as you.

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