It’s very cold here. Down in the 20s last night in Tucson. California froze, too. People from very cold places who are tempted to say, “Oh, it’s much colder than that here, suck it up!” aren’t quite grasping the situation. You have no actual inhabitable land, which is why you have covered bridges between your buildings, and why we grow your citrus and winter your hummingbirds, songbirds and butterflies. If you want to have those things, you don’t want California and Arizona and Florida to freeze solid. We aren’t singing fucking carols in horse-drawn sleighs down here.


Lots of loss in the garden, by the roadside. I’m taking this freeze as another learning experience; each time something bad happens on the property I try to make a change for the better. I think I have enough structure built in the garden now to make some real improvements for freeze protection for the future. And I’ve been really impressed with a few of the vines, the jasmine in particular. Ah well.

Give me summer over this shiz any day.

5 thoughts on “brrr

  1. My fingers are so cold I can hardly type. And that’s with the faux wood burning stove on for 2 days straight. And fingerless gloves. On. In the bed with a dog on top. My plumeria of all varieties are exceedingly unpleased, but surprisingly, my Buddha’s Hand Citron hasn’t dropped its nano-sized fruit. Michelia Alba is blooming beautiful waxy magnolia-like blossoms. All this and wonderful astronomical high and low tides, too cold to go and enjoy…the amount of clothing I’d need to put on to take the chill off would certainly pitch my balance such that I’d fall into the drink. Oh, I am not fit for cold weather at all.

  2. How’d you get that dog to pose like that? Bring that baby in to thaw out! Sorry to hear about the plants. Same thing IS happening here in California. About a month ago I crocheted myself a ruana because I anticipated the super cold air and now I’m sleeping in it! Thank goodness I finished it before I froze and, yes, my friends from Mini-so-o-ta think we’re wimps…oh, did you notice I said friends FROM Minnesota? Guess where they live now!

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