i n t e n s e

Just.. wow. This day.

I got my beautiful little car back, perfectly tuned. It drives like it’s floating, but the kind of floating that sticks to curves.  Hot! There has never been a human being happier to see a car than me, today. I hardly knew what to think, when it was not driving perfectly. As it turns out, my new shop (British Car Service) is stuffed with hilarious car nerds. I was admiring the statue of Paul Bunyan, across from their shop, and Bob said, “Oh, we like that one too, we were the ones who repainted it.” And then we had a great conversation about all of the stupendous local landmarks like the Paul Bunyan statue- the giant wine bottle at Boondocks, the giant boot at the old Tack Room, the epilepsy-inducing strobe-centered sign at the Lucky Wishbone. They are all excellent men and I would like to talk to them all for hours.

Paul Bunyan II

They have crazed cars for sale, cars that I have never even HEARD OF. (And I’ve paid attention.) Like this TVR, built in Blackpool, England, but with an American Ford muscle car engine. WTF? I read up on them in Hemmings Motor News, my uncle John’s favorite place to buy and sell cars.

TVR at British Car Service

In other news, the press had some kind of machine malfunction, and instead of getting my proofs today, now I won’t get them until Tuesday, in St. Louis. Time is so short before the Tucson shows start that I am now officially holding my breath over the loss of two work days for the press and bindery. But it’s out of my hands.  All I can do is turn them around Wednesday, and pray for the advance copies to come through in time.

I saw Larry tonight, and said to him, “Help me.” I told him that my extreme good behavior of the past six months had released in a kind of a wave that had left me feeling like kicking something, or at a minimum punching winter in the face, and I told him, “I don’t want to feel this way, I’m a lover, not a fighter.” And he said, “someone told me you were a lover, a fighter, and a dreamer.”

And I had forgotten that I had described myself that way, on this very page. He said, “it’s OK to be a fighter, you just have to get back in balance with the lover and the dreamer.” And he turned my hand over, and put in needles that left me twitching, waves washing through my body, manually tuning me, making me think of my car, and my lover, and an hour later I was in sync again, feeling like punching nothing.

You can pretend he’s singing, “TVR-15, that transmission…. that transmission….”

I opened pre-orders for (and committed to) Volume II of the book today, this was intense. I have mixed feelings about it, only in that I didn’t mean to do it so early, but it was clearly the right time. I want to be able to get everyone from Vol I aware of and interested in the continuation, and of course ask them to support it and participate as well. May as well take advantage of the moment when everyone is grooving on our pre-release, and getting excited about the paper book on the way.

I changed my thinking a little bit, and decided to send out the pre-order swag immediately (well, starting with the shipping of the Vol I books) and to predicate involvement in the work on a pre-order. It was my pleasure to deliver ideas to the world in general for the first book, but having done that, it’s time to say, if you want to play, and get advance photos and patterns, you need to pony up and be a part of things. Timing seems perfect for this, and response has been overwhelmingly good.

Vol II Shop page

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  1. I’ll be . . . I’ve never known another woman who knows of Hemmings! The mail carrier knows he really has mail when he delivers that one! And the book looks great by the way!

  2. Reading Hemmings induces grand fantasies for me: winding down English lanes in a Morgan, zooming dangerously around tight Italian curves in a Ferrari, cruising Cleveland in an Avanti, driving like a Marseillese maniac on the autobahn in an ancient Wanderer W25K. The last time I read it was when I had to sell the Jaguar XKE 2+2 in Primrose Yellow to pay for my first wedding….

  3. I wish I had a perpetual-energy motor (based on the torus-theory) in my big long Volvo break 944 from 1991 – also called ‘The Tank’ – and if I had the money I’d have a lovely soft pink leather interior which would be nice with the grey metallic paint of the outside… ha!
    I am still in the volume I fever because it started late, in my case, but with the intend of making something beautiful for vol. II. Happy dance! I just need my nerdy ‘muse’ s complicity…Because without his support, nothing will work. Eddie, where are you? Eddie, come back!!! (Yes, my muse is a fickle, strong, powerful Yang ‘stream’. Has lots of Yin’s to visit to get all the things done HE wants…)

    • It’s funny, I have never signed on to the concept of a “muse”. It implies that the creative force or source or inspiration is something outside of myself, something that could come or go, or leave forever. I have never understood this. My creative force springs from deep within my own being. Is this not true for everyone?

      • It is easier (and for many much funnier) to give a name to the creative ‘Qi’ flowing through me (what you call your creative force springs) than trying to explain that I have a flux of creation coming from Idonowhere… I have been able to share this flux with others as if I really sent “Eddie” to help friends. The creative juices flew immediately through them, not me anymore. Qi is a word for energy of life. It is universal. It an be given or taken (the latter is a bad action!). We can plug in when we want… Considering that I am myself part of the universe, I could say that it is mine, but it it not. Because not one single cell of my body is made by me… I know Eddie doesn’t like it when I call him/she/it like this… Maybe ‘Prana flow’ sound better :) I might adopt that…

        • I was just telling my friend Jay the other day that even qualities or fortune we do not possess ourselves are stil ours to give to others; it is our birthright, as various teachers have attempted to tell us (with little success) for gillenia.

          • I am beading warped squares now… to make a rope with tiny marine flags based on Phyllis’s wonderful design. Love it. I wanted to make those flags since a long time. I am grateful for her sharing this with us.

          • I’ve been thinking of that… what a nice trend it would be to communicate secretly like that ; ) “I wish to communicate with you” (K – Kilo) or “You are running into danger” (U- Uniform)… it is so clever but should be used with precaution I suppose… do you think that peeps would (try to) understand the wink? Juliet means literally “I’m on fire”…

  4. Finally catching up with a few things. Was this THE Paul Bunyan from Wilmar, Minnesota? What’s he doing in AZ?

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