Just one more month

Maria Cristina Grifone, photo Francesca Pavoni, Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, Kate McKinnon, 2012Horned Pagoda Bangle, Maria Cristina Grifone, photo by Francesca Pavoni

Just one more month, and by God I am going to really take a day off.

Tonight, bookplate and postcard orders, and a realization of how many more thousands of dollars I must gather up from the universe to make everything appear and then disappear, and pay the final press bill. We added a lot of nice things to the press run, like gloss lamination on both sides of both covers, individual shrink wrap (so they arrive in beautiful condition), bookplates, soft, beautiful touchable paper …. it adds up.

I shocked myself by opening the Volume II layout tonight as well. I have to tell you, I didn’t expect to move from layout on I to layout on II in the same day. But frankly, it’s already in process, and there isn’t a reason in the world not to stay organized. I’ll be opening pre-orders for it (not because you need to order a year in advance, just because there are people who like to support the work, and the work needs supporting) tomorrow.

I never deluded myself into thinking I could stop for more than a few hours when the files uploaded. It’s funny and silly to get all of these emails that say, “NOW you can relax and play!” Are these people high? Maybe they think I just handed the files over to someone who’s going to do all of the rest of the work. That would be… awesome, but sadly it is incorrect. Now it’s time to do the work of a publisher. And a shipper. And a marketing division.

Miss Fish is already out, snizzling on the bed next to me with both paws straight out in front of her nose.

She has the right idea.

The Wings header page is so tight. The other half of the spread is a secret, a surprise for Jeroen, so I can’t show you. Lots of surprises left, actually, even some for my magnificent Edit Team, who probably think that they saw everything.

If so, they thought wrong.  More of that long game.

Peek at Wings header, Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, Kate McKinnon, 2012

Above, top of the page, beadwork and photo by Cate Jones, top, and bottom, beadwork by Gabriella van Diepen and photo by Jeroen Medema.

14 thoughts on “Just one more month

  1. Didn’t mean to offend you….I wish I WERE high however, so I guess we’re even!

    I don’t need any extra swag…the book is all I need so send it on it’s was to a person who expects it or put the extra coin towards your continuing needs, really! Don’t want you going over a cliff, okay!

    Just be kind to yourself.


  2. hey! ‘t was you who said that you were feeling so petite and that after this book you’d go live up in a tree?
    I read an article in a magazine about Damanhur, a place where some people live in trees and have energetic field- walks and they continue to outcave a gigantic ‘cathedral’ in the mountains – I understood that it is cosmic-related. They listen to music made by plants and trees (by means of a strange transistor-like device – and when you talk or touch or sing with the tree it changes its music too)… I felt want to go there one day. And I thought about you might like that too… And we’d go wild and visit Niki de Saint-Phalle’s Tarot garden with her gigantic Nanas in the North of Tuscany and then we’d head to Florence, to see if I still love the town as much as I did before, and maybe ask il David to model one of our beautiful beaded cuffs… Dreaming.

    • d…. it, Nikki’s Tarrot garden is much closer to Rome, it is North of te town Tuscania, not the province. ah well. Let’s stretch the dream and visit silent underground Rome…

        • There is a search bar on my blog, you can type in things like “David Bowie” or “Ricardo Cat”.

          Here is a beautiful photo of my beautiful husband sitting in it. It’s just a couple of miles from his house in St. Louis, in Laumeier Sculpture Park.

          • Thank you! I wrote Ricardo cath… slipping fingers O.o … Nikki is a truly innovating artist. I wish you more than only one day of waking up to “what day is it gonna be today”… Your husband is beautiful indeed; in fact what is really beautiful is the way you both love each other.

  3. Sorry I was silly enough to think it was relaxation time; never having published or written a book, I’m naive. You are one inspiring and amazing lady!

  4. You don’t impress me as a person that is really ever completely done. You reach that certain marker you have set and when reached acknowledge it and keep moving. You never stand still, your mind is always moving forward toward your goal. Taking time to take care of your “instrument” is also necessary and that is different for each and everyone of us.

    I just wanted to acknowledge you for what you have done, You are awesome and so are the people who support your project. I did not want my prior comment to be taken differently, coping and maintenance kind of go hand in hand…….

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