Contemporary Geometric Beadwork has uploaded to the press. And what more is there to say than that? I could write a long, deep, thing about today alone, but  I had champagne, and I’m a little bit drunk.

I will say, of course you can order the book and still get the pre-order password! And the postcards! But only through January.
Here is a link.
CGB Cover

Huge thanks to all who participated, especially the unstoppable, incredible, supernerdly and unfailingly pleasant Mighty Edit Team.

All sorts of news coming this week, including specials for shops, bead societies, and extra copies at a discount for people who pre-ordered and want to give gifts. I love you all!

24 thoughts on “Huzzah!

  1. I just love that font. It’s amazing. Congratulations and I cannot wait to see my copy in person. The pages you’ve posted have been full buckets of awesome.

  2. Love it! Did you design your own font? Does this mean that the book is on the pre-order page to be lovingly looked at until the hard copy is in our hands? Congratulations! What a huge amount of work – thank you profusely!

  3. The “o” has a delica bead inside! Bells are ringing of joy and you should be very proud. Thanks for a beautiful book.

  4. I wish we were all drinking champagne together – it isn’t one of those experiences that translates well to the virtual world!! It will be AMAZING to finally hold this beautiful book in our hands!

    (How much time will you actually rest before you start on Volume II??)

  5. Hope you are well and truly lit on Champagne, kicking your feet in the air and woo-hoo-ing!!!

    I see the cover has shed it’s green jacket and it looks mahvelous, absolutely mahvelous!

  6. YES! YES! YES!
    Wow, if I smoked, it would be time for a cigarette.
    Congrats to you and your entire team!

  7. Bartender, another round for everyone in the place! Two for the one over there dancing on the table!

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