snowy tucson

snowy tucson 2

Yesterday was an odd day here- temps falling into the 20s, snow showers moving on and off of the mountains to the North and East, under huge blue skies. The Catalinas and the Rincons are covered in snow, and we had a hard freeze last night.

Snowy Tucson

Photos from the airport road, where I happened to be as I was dropping Bill and the lads off to fly home to St. Louis.


I don’t have a lot of feeling for the calendar, it seems like a kluge to me, trying, but ever failing, to quite match the dance of the turn of our planet, our path around our sun. I know when it’s morning; I can see when the orange tree flowers. I don’t want to make any appointments.

However, despite my disconnect with protocol, I wish you a “Happy New Year.”

What would really be awesome is if it warmed the hell up.


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    • The garden is going to be hit hard, but that’s just any old winter. The 20 feet of pink flowering bougainvillea will be finished, brown, frozen (but it will come back in spring) and the vines will lose a lot of leaves. It’s not so nice for the 60 year old citrus either. I find myself glad that I picked the fruit on a soft warm day, instead of last night in a panic. Tonight we freeze again. Happily I now have enough arbors built outside to begin to change things, and provide more shelter. Next winter things will go easier on the garden.

  1. I just love readiing your blog, hearing all about your wonderful house, family, garden and Tuson, which I have never been too, but sounds fab. and without saying beads. thankyou for all the ideas and inspiration you have given me, long may it all continue.
    Happy New Year!!!!

  2. We had 20 inches white here this past week and a freezing
    New York. Blessed New year everyone. It is weather for staying in and bead.

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