a beautiful day

Doriot and I had a lovely New Year’s Day. We got up early AND stayed in bed late (yes, it’s possible) and then, once it had warmed up to at least 40F, we felt it was safe to move about in the world. Most of the snow had melted off of the Catalinas by mid-morning.

not much snow left 
the view from the Target parking lot, which is a nice place to check on the mountains from mid-city

The snowmelt turned out to be a fabulous thing for us, as we ended up in Sabino Canyon later that afternoon. Melted snow means water, and lots of it. When Bri and I were up a few weeks ago, there was just a trickle. Today, water was flowing and dancing and making lots of rushy noise as it flowed under bridges and over rocks.

sabino creek

It was so wet that the entire sandy mica beach in front of our wedding rocks was underwater.

wedding rox 2

Stop Kate
The little cavelet on the left is where Allison and I saw the family of coati a few years ago.

The light was magnificent, and every leaf was dancing, especially on the cottonwoods.

cottonwood doriot and kate on the tram

Perhaps my most vibrant sighting today was Doriot herself, sparkling in the sun.

Doriot at Stop 8

10 thoughts on “a beautiful day

  1. What a nice bright aura Doriot has! It looks like you both were enjoying the day. New Year’s Day really doesn’t mean much to me…my new year starts in Autumn. Now if the Mayan calendar were misinterpreted, one can only imagine what has happened in the centuries since! I mark the passing of time like you do. If the sun has risen, it must be day. When it gets dark and the sun goes down, I welcome the night. You know, if the rock is wet; it must be raining! Maybe it’s a good idea to relish each day as if it is the new year!

  2. Lovely, lovely post, lovely faces and places. Your smile is contageous, you seem to be relaxed. What a nice day! Oh and the coati must have been so lovely to see, it’s a such a cute animal! I don’t know much about it, I had to google it because I had heard about this little guy only in… Dutch, No such lovely furry beast around here in Europe. Except from Skandinavia and maybe a few places in the Eastern, Europe is really the saddest place with regards to wild life…

    • The coati is rather larger than expected (larger than I expected at any rate) and is like a stuck together amalgam of a badger and a lemur and a raccoon and a ringtail and a good-sized dog.

      We were very happy and relaxed! It was a nice break for sure, and great to visit my wedding spot and my mother.

      • thank you for the info about the Coati, I thought it was a small animal like the Suricat…

        and I also think that this is a wonderful place for special happenings and special people…

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