180 pages of awesome

If you’ve ordered my new book, Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, have you had a chance to preview the 180 pages that I put up on the Specials For Pre-Orders page on the Book Blog? The sparkly PDFs can be read on or downloaded to your computer or any mobile device. On the mobiles, you can touch any image to enlarge. If you haven’t ordered it yet, you really ought to do so before we start shipping, so you can get on on the pre-order swag fun and get onto the Specials page now.

This is still one of my favorite page layouts and pieces, from the Fortuneteller Bangle section. Beadwork by JoAnn Baumann, design by Christina Vandervlist, photos by Kate (IPhone 4S).

It’s like an alien craft or exotic seed pod…. landing, opening, releasing.

JoAnn Baumann FT layout web

If you’ve ordered the book and don’t know about the Specials page, frankly, you really haven’t been paying attention. That’s all I can say. But that’s OK, it’s never too late! Email me, and I’ll send you the password if you don’t have it.

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  1. darn, I successfully lost the password that you so nicely sent to me a while ago…..HELP! Who knew you were downloading MORE goodies!?

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