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Christmas 2011

Although I don’t really grasp Christmas, for every reason I won’t bore you with, I go along. There isn’t any fighting it, at least not without being a total buzzkill. None of our family (except Bill’s father and my father) have even been religious, nor are most people I know. So… I put up with the Christmas Rituals, but really I’m just in it for the time with the family and the pie. It’s one of the only times I see family, except when someone dies or gets married. You know.

I’m continuing to work on the book every day, just now surrounded by handsome men and with the house filled with the fabulous scent of Noble Fir. There are seven days before the people who cut the plates at the press come back to work, log onto the FTP site, pull down our final files, and make the proofs. I’m working on it all every day, because how could I not? I’m trying to make it all the best it could be. The Edit Team continues to astound me, and I still feel shame every time we find a simple error that I can’t think why I couldn’t see. Letting go of the embarrassment of making mistakes is an ongoing process, an event that has to happen every time I send out pages.

I put one of my favorite pages up last night, the page that shows the wonderful photo of my favorite John Lautner house (thank you Josh Woolf!) and the cuff that finally cracked open my mind during the process of this book, by Rayo Boursier. It was funny, when she sent it, she was like, “I know this piece is absurd, and probably no one would wear it but me, but…” and I took it out of the box and my life was changed forever, and I began to see what I’d been seeing but couldn’t see.

Proof page of Lautner house

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  1. Enjoy your time with your men! You know, the funny thing about your book is that it has totally changed my way of looking at beads and wanting to work with them. I can’t excited about the offerings at Bead and Button, fascinating as some of them really are. All I want to do is pick a color palette and start building shapes. Thank you for that: i mean it so sincerely!

  2. Happy Holidays Kate to you and yours. I wish you peace, joy and the warmth of your family – and lots of pie!

    Thank you so much for the early bird portions of the book! Many things to dream of and stitch in those days after Christmas while we wait for the new year to come in.

  3. happy happy days dear, enjoy your handsome men and cake, and family and hugs as much as you can breathe! put this book aside now!

    • Not a chance I’m going to put it down! Only seven days left. There is PLENTY of family time. Everywhere I look, there is one of them, and I sleep with Bill and such. I’m getting more than enough. I prefer working to almost anything else. But my style of working is pretty relaxed and enjoyable.

  4. When you strip away all the religious trappings, Christmas is the celebration of family. A child is born and completes the family (at least the traditional family).

  5. I feel the same way about Christmas as you do. I just try to get through it by DOING things with my family, things that we love to do together. The whole gift thing weighs me down. This year I am doing better getting through this holiday week and I find that what is weighing on me more now, is the fact that I feel I have to see the movie Les Miserable because I love movies so much.

    Have a great time with your men…love them up.

    • Oh, nothing WEIGHS on me, and I like presents, I just think it’s dumb to celebrate a religious holiday when my feelings about religion are mostly those of annoyance, like it’s a sticky spot. None of us are religious in the slightest. So it seems kind of dumb to buy into the whole shopping treekilling turkey murdering kind of thing. Like, why? But hey. I’ll go along. I never pulled the “Santa Claus” crap on my kids, though. Not a chance.

      Merry Christmas! I will send you a picture to make you laugh.

  6. If you had written the bible we would really know what had taken place. Each and every detail would have been included. Without a doubt.

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