Happy Winter Solstice!

It was good to be distracted by our book this winter, as I made it almost to the Solstice without bitching about the cold. Just one little day short.

Look at this sexy little piece. I called it Eyechain. Tiena Habing, who made it, said, “how about Ocular Chain for more mystery?” and so there it is. SO GORGEOUS.

Tiena Habing, Ocular Chain, Contemporary Geometric Beadwork 2012

Things are going VERY well here bookwise. It’s still all aswirl in the air, only about 3/4 of the pages have settled into final position, but I can see them all clicking together; this weekend I will have a final copy for the Readers to Read. And then after that, we have the entire holiday week to contemplate how to polish it, sparkle it, where to crack out a vintage Rapidograph and draw a border… what a luxury.

This is the most enjoyable deadline I have ever experienced. And tomorrow, Bill and the lads arrive (as does his father) and Suzanne is in town, and Doriot parachutes in for New Year’s Eve. The only thing that we are missing is to be able to squeezle Bri. I can’t stop thinking of her, being Boot Camped. Sigh. I’m grateful for the distraction of the work. And that I get to kiss Bill in the garden tomorrow, and squeeze him some tangerine juice.

11 thoughts on “Happy Winter Solstice!

  1. Hope you and the family have a wonderful holiday season! Just know how wonderful your holidays will be complete when you get that special call from Bri! She sounds like an amazing kid, I’m sure her holidays will be just as perfect when you hear each others voices. Wish her a very Merry Christmas from all of us!

    Merry Christmas, Kate!


  2. I need to make one of those… and you know what color it will be? That’s right, green! It will be gorgeous.

    (I changed my name just for you)

  3. oh yes I am sure to make several colorways!!!!!
    drooling all the way!!
    Can’t wait to get the whole book with all of these delicious pieces…
    The suspense is even better than a child at Christmas!!!

  4. I have been concentrating on the rick rack, so far. I cannot wait to try one of these!!! I have ben beading periodically while starting a new teaching quarter. I have 2 weeks off to write and bead some more.

    Have a great holiday week.

  5. Gorgeous! I am counting down for the book AND for when I’ll be able to sit and bead and bead and bead. Wheeeee!! Bitching about the cold is what we do. I’ve lived in Pennsyltucky all my life, and it’s no surprise when it’s 20 degrees, but I still complain. Have a good Holiday, and thanks again for doing what you do.

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