stupid winter

I’ve been able to keep from cursing the winter so far only because I’ve been too busy to chit chat. Last night we had a hard freeze, and my kitchen is stuffed with citrus. Grapefruit are rolling around on every surface. I’m disgusted at how contra-festive it was to have to remove all of the pretty orange and yellow balls from the trees right at the holidays. Also, it’s a hell of a lot of fruit to cut all at once. Winter can kiss my ass.

Praise the Lord, tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, a day that makes me weep with joy, the turning point. On Saturday I begin getting my light back.  The summer solstice fills me with sorrow, the winter with get-this-shit-over-with joy. This is my last winter, and I say that not because I am plotting to leave Earth but because I am just not playing any more. I’ll be spending next winter at a monastery in someplace warm. Enough is fucking enough. Next year a snowbird can enjoy my space for three months, and exult that they escaped Minnesota for Tucson. And good for them. My heart sings for them!

Pedrolino on the Stairs, Montmartre, Paris, Sept 2012

Paris is cold, too. I wonder how Pedrolino is coping?

We now have all of the information from the press and the bindery about our print and bind schedule; the plates will be cut January 2 (those pesky holidays are in our way, you know, press people have Christmas too) and we should have the books from the bindery in the last week of January. I’ll begin shipping the day they arrive in Tucson! This is going to be an extraordinary book, beautiful, fat, and stuffed with new work. I feel fantastic. And now I have a full ten days to tinker with the cover, which I have kept secret, and make sure the Basics pages are like a Paris sweet shop (it was those pages that got me thinking about Paris, not really Pedrolino, who looks eerily like the Dread Pirate Jasper).

I’ve have Liam to work with on the book pages, which will be fun. His portrait of himself as a lumberjack is finished and I have a photo of it, I’ll put it up later. Hilarious.

I wish I knew how Bria was doing in Navy Boot Camp. I hate it that she is out of contact but I grasp the concept. I think of her every day, with love. We should hear from her once, somewhere around Christmas Day.

12 thoughts on “stupid winter

  1. You had to harvest the fruit so that you could gorge one last time on the wonderful natural deliciousness before the world as we know it ends tomorrow. Or it could be the stupid winter weather. Here’s to more light on December 22 (drink glass of tangerine juice now).

    • Oh, the fruit will keep a while. There will be enough people here over Christmas and New Year’s to make the most of it. Really, I miss the pretty orange balls on the trees. Stupid winter!

  2. I think I would go to Bali… I feel sorry for your citruses… Can’t wait to discover the cover of the book!

  3. You can donate your citrus to Ishkashita in Tucson. They turn them into the most delicious marmalade which they sell at our farmers’ markets. It helps to keep these wonderful refugees from Eritrea, Bhutan, etc. self-sustaining. My husband and I are getting too old to harvest our own fruit so we call them and they do it for us. Just a thought. Hope you have a great Winter Solstice which is also one of my favorite days.

  4. How about New Caledonia? Then you could speak French and gaze upon the fine tooling of those New Caledonian Crows. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see those wonderful penis gourds? Wintertime temps are in the mid-80s and humid. But, it’s kind of spendy to get there and takes about the same amount of time as it does to fly to Bali. French Polynesia, on the other hand, is a quick 2.5 hour flight from Hawaii–and you could STILL speak French!

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