I’m working in the Basics section of the book all day today. Like the Introduction for Backwards Readers, it’s very close to my heart, and I’ve kept it for last. I’ve also worked on it alone, that is as alone as anyone can be who is using Christina’s drawings, Jean Power’s introductory section to her own lovely book, and Dustin Wedekind’s beginner’s beading book.

It really is springing from my very soul, though. I get so frustrated with diagrams and Patterntongue and magazine pages and rehashes and photos with backgrounds. I just want it to seem easy, the work of connecting up stupendous structures with simple shapes. I want people like me (who shut down when they look at knitting patterns) to be able to whip up a Fortuneteller bangle without fear.

Here is a pretty spread, showing what utter magnificence one can build with even a little stack of monkey-simple Warped Squares.

Warped Square Spread, CGB 2012, Kate McKinnon

Jean’s Star neckpiece (as built by Stacy Creamer) was the first actual piece of her work I held. I was entranced, and made it my mission in life to meet this Jean Power person.

Now THAT was a good call.

Jean Power

7 thoughts on “Basics

  1. Kate, this makes me so happy. Holy crap. I also have the kind of brain that shuts down when it looks at knitting patterns, so your book sounds like it will be perfect for me.

    PS: My password doesn’t work for the Specials for Pre-orders page anymore. Should I email you from the email account I used to buy the book?

  2. Kate,
    For those who freak out with knitting patterns, or any kind of instructions that boggle the mind, I read instructions and picture references over several times before I ever begin. I also close my eyes and visualize doing the task. Somehow through all the years that I have used this learning technique the instructions and pictures seem to come closer together to meet in the middle.

    I have Jean Powers book and she has her style of presentation and you have yours. Both are excellent! The instructions are good, diagrams good :-) As a reader, add some patience! Learning is exciting….

    • Ha! Add some patience, most amusing.

      My mind doesn’t go at that speed; it stalls in low gear. There is no low gear. Reading patterns is very difficult for me, and generally not rewarding. If I can’t see it in a photograph, I stand little chance of making it. This is why I worked so hard on the photographs for our book. Really, they should be all you need. The words and diagrams are just for extra.

      : )

  3. I can read knitting patterns because I learned when I was a kid. But I’ve always thought it a failing of my brain when I read beading patterns. I usually end up putting the beads away and forgetting about that project. I’m excited about this book for that reason (and a zillion others). The PDFs you sent on Saturday are awesome. I can lose myself in the pages.

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