pretty pages

Six full sections of the book are uploaded for the viewing pleasure of our pre-order customers!

No email will be sent, the password is the same. Just head on over to the Specials page and enjoy. I particularly like the little thumbnails of the spreads. Something about it appeals to the miniature-lover in me.

Rick Rack Section snippet CGB, Kate McKinnon 2012

13 thoughts on “pretty pages

  1. Omg, Kate… You’ve done it!!! Please let me know your guesstimated time of when you’ll need my help mailing out the hard-copies? You have my contact info!!! Xoxo CONGRATS!!! I’m off to get my PDFs!!!!!!! (Huge smiles flying towards you, sans emoticons)!!!

  2. Unbelievable! What a beautiful and valuable contribution to the art of beading you are making. How thoughtful that you tell us not only how difficult a piece is to work, but also how and where to build the skills needed.
    You have set a new standard, Kate–not only for books on beading, but also for yourself!! Encore!!!

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