love rollercoaster

This (which is, for God’s sake, why I love Roxy so hard):

Is neatly turning into this, stripped down and silky, but chewy and with lots of layers when needed (or when you’ve been prepared…)

As a side note, it amuses me to hear Ferry singing The In Crowd on TV every time I turn it on; some kind of shoe ad. People likely have no idea who it is, Roxy Music, who?

Our In Crowd is very In, but has the advantage of being open to anyone willing to sit down and do some quality work. I’m so excited to send this out into another layer of life forms.

A few more crazy, fucked up beautiful days ahead. Send me a bit of your Superhero Energy. I wish I had a bottle of Scooby Doo chewable vitamins. They make me feel invincable.

6 thoughts on “love rollercoaster

  1. Love Eno with the Moog. Having a Moog, a sax, and a Farfisa in the same band was very outre in those days. Hummmmmmmm.

    • Andy Mackay played all kinds of wack shit besides the sax as well, reedy things and crazy things. Oboe! Did Eno have a theramin, too? I can’t recall if I’ve seen him with one.

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