fresh horses

Day 9 in the Midwest leaves me at the usual position, where I replay escape scenarios in the back of my mind and start drinking wine at lunch. Being on this crazed deadline might buy me a vowel, but it’s really not related.

I’ll just have to leave the rat part scrabbling away in background (I’ll think fond thoughts for it, and set out some cashews or something) and bring whatever steely determination is left over (rather a lot actually) to the Fortuneteller and Rick-Rack sections. I’m hoping for the best for the day. Tomorrow morning, praise be, I go home to Miss Fish and my beautiful, chirpy garden.

This afternoon, Bill, however fresh he is or isn’t, will be around to both distract me and to take over the errands and the endless calls for milk, bread, bananas, cat crunchies, karate lessons, car headlights, bike repair, and plumbers, and turn my reality into a French dinner and kisses. And not an hour too soon.


Miss Fish Can't Look


6 thoughts on “fresh horses

  1. Pretty soon you’ll be able to close the book (for now anyway) on your matter-horns and horn-ūcōpiae, and relax into the soft and exhilarating freedom known as vacation. I hope.

  2. I hate the North the way you hate the Midwest. Don’t think I would last even 9 days. Is that the longest you have ever been stuck there? Really enjoying your website and the amazing beadwork I’m seeing here. Thank you.

  3. The midwest is not completely void of pleasantness. Some of us actually like it here and it’s not the only placed I’ve ever lived(the east coast is far more difficult to deal with unless your only focus is politics which is of course why my father never wanted to move back here even though in his condition he had no choice. I love the 4 seasons here which are hard to find in most areas(although our summers do leave a lot to be desired. We have more heat and humidity than my best friend who lives in Florida). I’m not sure exactly what draws me here but somehow whenever I move away I come back, maybe it’s the fact that it’s one of the most affordable places in the country to live but then it pays the least amount of income also although I suppose these things are all relative to where one lives. I of course don’t live where your sons do and the environment is much different just 4 hours away but I was born to it and I love it here. One of the best things I’ve discovered in the last few years as I’ve journeyed to many destinations I’d never tried. I can be in so many different and interesting cities within an 8 hour radius and in all directions so that’s a great bonus for exploring. I’m not trying to argue the point but I just wanted folks to know it’s not completely lifeless and boring and it’s a wonderful place to raise my daughter with a good education.

    • That is an awful lot of words in a row. Good grief.

      I’m thrilled you like where you live.
      If everyone wanted to be in Tucson like I do we would never all fit, and it would be dreadful.

      • Where is this place in the midwest that you love? Today, while I am babysitting my granddaughter dog, Kiwi. we woke up to what ended being 12 inches of snow. How does one walk a 6 pound ball of fluff in that much powder snow? I guess it is to be expected in St. Paul, MN.

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