of the thousand things I could say

Of the thousand things I could say, none of them really seem to convey enough of my state of mind.

My mind is by a river, made of asking why, and it fills with a need that springs from deep in my soul for beauty, for clean words, for really good architecture. When I successfully communicate or present an idea I am the happiest creature on Terra. Those moments vastly outnumber those on deadline in which I look at the calendar and wish to curl into a ball in fear. Vastly. It’s a mixed bag.

You know what I like about this song at this moment? I like seeing people who have put in the goddamned work to get something right. You have to put a lot in and then you have to take out everything that isn’t essential. The normal process of making a book is vastly different than what is going on here, in just about every way imaginable. The goal is different as well; the making of the book is our only agenda. There is literally none beyond that; all we want to do is make something worth leaving on the table behind us.

I’m so grateful to the thousands of people around the world who are sending us their well-wishes and silly eCards and French chocolate in the mail. And the hundreds of people who sent in beadwork or photographs, or excitement or questions or criticisms.

Fair winds and following seas! We are sailing fast and hard, but happily not to battle. We are sailing into port, and our masts are draped with caramel popcorn chains that are magically not getting wet in the sea spray.

7 thoughts on “of the thousand things I could say

  1. Good God Kate! That’s a killer tune – thanks for that :) I’ll raise a pint to your home port and a welcome berth – I think you’ll miss that kiss of salt on the wind tho…at least a little.

    • Happily I have a large variety of ports to put in at, I have an interesting mix of isolation and Glitterganzaing to do in the next year. It should be a victory march like none yet in my lifetime. I consider my human existence to this point nearly cancelled out. What a triumph! One only achieves victories like that by setting artificial boundaries, so I have created a singularity to fall into, full of sparkle. I suppose I will come out of it on the other side and sit in my garden for months.

  2. Here’s to sparkling singularities, my friend. You are an amazing creature…I am so thankful for you. <3

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