gone to ground

Things are going shockingly well; I am working seamlessly; perhaps I am channelling Jeroen, who says that it’s all the same to him, chaos or calm. The boys are most enjoyable; Evan has some sort of virus which has him at half-power. Of course I am not pleased that he is sick (and hoping for the best for the rest of us) but it is not objectionable to have it feel more like a law library here than a video arcade. Bill left for San Francisco for a week, after filling me with love. He was gallant, the house was clean. He knows how it is; his professional life is a series of writing things on deadlines.

He might like it if I were around more often, making life easier for him when he had to work, instead of cornering the globe. I don’t see that happening, although if anyone deserves a proper partner it is my husband, but a man can dream. Anyway, our sons teeter on the edge of the nest; within months at least one of them will be driving.

I have 13 more days; each of them will be as intense as the past 77. Bill said a terrible thing before he left, he said “What if you are still working at Christmas?” and I was unwilling to even contemplate the possibility.

This is one of my favorite pages, and it’s through formatting and edit (not that any of that means it isn’t still riddled with something) isn’t it sharp? The Gaudi quote is so perfect with the pieces shown. Click to enlarge.

Wings - Hornz, Contemporary Geometric Beadwork sample layout, Kate McKinnon, 2012

8 thoughts on “gone to ground

  1. Holy mother of GOD! Every time I think you can’t out do yourself in pictures you do this! LOVE the Rayo cuf!!! I want to make it! Know I’ve seen this before…but this picture sold me.
    My Gibbs and I have spent over 30 years of holidays and times apart. But now we revel in our time together. And when the time comes, you will too.

    • So glad you appreciate the refinements to the pages… it’s been a fun process. I’d like it to be an ongoing one, I expect the book to evolve. I think it would be cool to have each reprinted edition be unique.

  2. so good to read so much good : ) – have a lovely day and work well. I don’t see the little bird at the bottom of this gorgeous page? those – and all the other – little details in your book please me and I am much looking forward finding out more. I will enjoy everything about it, for sure.

  3. It took me a minute to realize that it’s snowing on your page and I’m not having a stroke. Made the words look like they were dancing. Write on!!!

      • love how the snow fall direction changes depending on the placement of the cursor within the field. just discovered that! can’t believe you’re not snowed in in SL.

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