Quite rightly

I now hover between panic and exultation. This is an interesting deadline. It’s assuredly one that was NOT left to the last minute. This deadline has been responsibly plotted and attacked, and the concerted assault began exactly 90 days prior to target, as is reasonable. Who knew how long it would take me to claw up the cliff of clean rightness in the layout? So many complex ideas to connect and make appear simple.

Once I realized how beautiful the book could be, I vowed not to rest until every spread glittered with a life of its own. Even the pattern the edges of the text makes is important to me.

I’m grateful for the many professionals that I do have to consult with, but no one can force the moments at which a chaos of ideas turns into simple clarity. Each idea belongs to many facets of the work. I have to decide what goes where, and it matters dramatically.

Had I known how beautiful this work could be, and how long beauty takes, and that I would be doing this part alone (which is excellent for peace of mind but offers a dearth of perspective) I would have planned on 180 days, not 90.

I have 18 more.

8 thoughts on “Quite rightly

  1. Thank you for caring so much! I will treasure the book because I know the love it has taken….I am so happy I have ordered a copy.

    • Pre-orders help to pay the press bill, which is why we offer Swag with them. After we pay that bill, books can be ordered but will not come with extras. They will just be… books, with free eBooks. We’re within a week now.

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