Larry Gatti, master of needles at Tucson Community Acupuncture, kindly allowed me to photograph him for the book. As my blog is a scurrilous house organ that no one in their right mind would want to be associated with, I normally do not name the names of the innocent. But Larry signed a model release. Anyway, it’s good to give TCA a link– acupuncture is incredible, and everyone who is interested in it should give it a try. The community model means that everyone can afford it, and it qualifies for health plans and those flexy accounts that you can put pre-tax medical money in. Made of win, in other words.

I got some excellent photos- below, he’s holding Laurel Kubby’s green Fortuneteller Bangle. I’ve been hogging Laurel’s pieces for weeks. She said I could, but really, I think I have to send them back now. Or tomorrow. Yes, surely tomorrow.

Laurel’s lucky, though, really it could be worse. I have had my tentacles around Lia Melia’s size 15 geometric bangles for over a year. I can’t think of how she has tolerated this. It’s frankly outrageous. It’s been incredible to show them to everyone that I’ve worked with, though, it helps inform some part of the dialogue about “how far are you willing to go to make an astounding piece?”

Larry Gatti with Laurel Kubby, photo by Kate

There are now officially so many things to check off, do, decide, remember, return, pay for, and look at that my mental state has devolved to chaos. Today is completely devoted to checking everything off of SOME kind of a list. This will likely result in the creation of all-new, shiny lists.

I made a terrific decision yesterday (it can be difficult to immediately identify a bad move, but a good one, like a good first draft, is often unmissable) and that was to shrink-wrap the CGB books, and sign bookplates instead of actual books. Beautiful, monkish, illustrated bookplates. We have a spot to stick them into in the inside cover, it will be swank. The shrinkwrap on the books is nice not only to keep the books in good condition, but because it will allow us to stick long spine-stickers onto the bound coils for shop orders, so that they can be displayed on a shelf just like ordinary books.

It costs a bit more, as does our sturdy black spiral binding, but I think that in addition to practical advantages, it will help ensure that they remain faintly mysterious. I’ll be sending a complimentary copy of the book to any shop that places a wholesale order, so that they can have one on display. It pleases me to think of each book, virgin for the buyer, with a personalized plate.

Plates also help avoid errors… like inscribing a book “To Bryan, I will never forget you or our night together” only to discover it was a gift for Amanda. Dang! This happens. Or having pen or brain failure while signing and ruining a book. Plates are so much more civilised.

This whole special-book-thing strikes me as another good straddle of the past and the future. As giant chain bookstores rightly fade away, and eBooks begin to rule, actual paper books will get better. Because there will be fewer of them. And then bookstores will be better, because they will be penetrated only by people who really love books. It’ll be great, once it sorts itself out.

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  1. ENTIRELY winderful! I miss Larry!!!!! (and THAT’S a statement no-one would believe, until I explained precisely WHO was referenced!.., I never thought I’d welcome a second Larry into my life but PLEASE find a large envelope and mail him to me? Needles and all?

      • Dear Kate,
        The expansiveness of your mind gives me something to aspire two…oh, dang it…too…2…of course, I meant “to”…yours forever.
        Tenzin Gyatso
        HH The Dali Lama

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