another gorgeous day

I’m excited to be going up the canyon today, happy to be doing it with Bri, feeling wonderful about it. I like it when things finish up, but they have to play out.

I feel like just about everything that could play out about my mother’s death did in fact actually do so, except for alligators and Russian spies, and so if there is any more to wring out of the experience I can’t think of what it could be. This is the grandest kind of finish of all, a gentle one, with no rolling credits or extraneous personnel.

It’s lovely to be going up the mountain and I just can’t wait to feel the trail under my tennies. I’ve been sitting for MONTHS. Of course I wish Bill were with us, but as I can’t have both of them (Bri ships out before the boys arrive) then it’s obvious what to do. My mother loved Bria best in the whole world, which was exactly as it should have been. We were all so happy together, the three of us.

The weather is so beautiful here now that we hardly mention it; once in a while I feel hot if I stand in the sun and sometimes at night I put on a soft sweater and get under covers to sleep. It’s perfect, floaty, beautiful weather. We are all just drinking it in. Tucson holds my heart entirely.

6 thoughts on “another gorgeous day

  1. And so, how did it go? Was it a delicious mix of sweet and ____________ ?

    As an aside, I am struck (again!) by how beautifully you write. I person could dine on your words. And get an education too.

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